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Join the next quarter of our Year of Hats and make a new hat each month!
Join the next quarter of our Year of Hats and make a new hat each month!


Learn with us!

Throughout the year we offer classes for every level of experience, even those who've never held a hook or needle before. We continue to add new classes on a rolling basis.

​Each class has a level rating to help you decide the best fit for you:

  • Level 1: What’s knitting?
  • Level 2: I’ve been practicing my basic knit or crochet stitches and I’m ready to take the next steps.
  • Level 3: Look, I made some stuff! I can knit and purl, knit in the round, increase and decrease, and I’m ready to try something new.
  • Level 4: I know what I don’t know, and I’m ready to tackle advanced techniques.
  • Level 5: I’m very experienced, but there’s always something new to learn!

Please be sure to read the skills we ask you to have before you come to class. If you have any questions about the skill level, please call us at 315-472-YARN.

Knit Studio

Knit Studio

Need a little help? 

This drop-in class is the perfect place to bring your project and get support from an instructor. Knit Studio is a group class, so while you are getting help with your own projects you get to learn from other people at the same time. All levels and experience welcome.

Knit Studio does not require advanced registration and is paid by the hour. Visit the Calendar page for dates and times.


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