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Semi-Annual Clearance Sale going on now. Up to 75% off hundreds of items.
Semi-Annual Clearance Sale going on now. Up to 75% off hundreds of items.

5th Saturday Sale

Every so often, a month has 5 Saturdays. This is important, because on 5th Saturdays, you get 20% off everything that fits in the bag. That's right. If it's on the floor, it's included. Please don't try to stuff the staff in your bag. 

1. Buy the bag.

2. Stuff the bag.

3. Get 20% off everything in the bag.

You can use your bag for all the 5th Saturdays next year, too! (There are 4 more in 2025.)

There are 3 more months that have a 5th Saturday left in 2024: June 29, August 31, and November 30.

In-store only. Eventually it will be available online as well, but we're not there yet, because technology.

You! This sale is available to anyone carrying the 5th Saturday bag. You must have your bag with you to receive the 20% off. Don't have one? No problem. You can buy the bag the day of the sale.


The fine print:
You must have your 5th Saturday bag to receive your discount. The 5th Saturday discount is only applied to in-stock merchandise. The 20% discount cannot be applied to class fees, events, special orders, gift cards or subscriptions. You can't put a class in your bag, the teachers say it's too stuffy in there. If you've asked us to hold something for you and you pick it up on a 5th Saturday, we cannot offer you the deal. No other discounts or rewards will be applied on 5th Saturdays, even your birthday bucks. We just can't pile on the discounts like that.

As with all of our big events, we get really busy and our staff may be stretched thin. This means we CANNOT wind yarn on 5th Saturdays, but we are happy to wind it when you're ready to use it, or you can leave it with us and we will call you when it's ready. We'll do our best, but some of our regular services may not be available if we are super busy. We are unable to take phone orders on 5th Saturdays; if you call us and we don't answer, leave a message. Sorry, we just can’t provide the level of service you deserve if we’re stuck behind the counter.

The next 5th Saturday Sale begins in

Get your 5th Saturday bag before time runs out!

I want in!