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Join the next quarter of our Year of Hats and make a new hat each month!
Join the next quarter of our Year of Hats and make a new hat each month!

Knitty Fix

by KGY
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$125.00 - $125.00
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Are you tired of winter yet? Think you will be?

We all know that February is the longest month. By the end you've been cooped up for months because of the cold/wet/rainy/snowy/muddy weather. Our Cabin Fever Knitty Fix will get to you at just the right time, bringing you a little surprise joy when you need it most. You may even forget you ordered it by then and it will really be a surprise. (Thank you, past me.)

What is a Knitty Fix? It’s a surprise box Kerry curates for you. Each Knitty Fix includes yarn, a knitting and a crochet pattern, and some extra goodies and treats Kerry finds just for Knitty Fixers to spread the fun. Patterns are appropriate for intermediate or adventurous beginners, but you can use the yarn in any project you want. Each box is special and no two are the same. Treat yourself or buy it with friends and swap the goodies!  Most of all, it’s a little KGY love, straight to you.

Let us relieve your cabin fever with a little bit of joy sent to your door. There are a limited number of these Knitty Fixes, and orders will only be open until January 21! Boxes are $125 each and will be available for pick up in the shop starting February 24. Can’t come in? We’re happy to mail yours to anywhere* (or anyone) for a flat $10 shipping fee. Get one for yourself and one for a loved one, so you can knit together even when apart.

*Domestic shipping only. No international orders.


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What is a Knitty Fix? A Knitty Fix is a curated box of fibery goodness for people who love a surprise!

What’s in a Knitty Fix? Every Knitty Fix has yarn, a pattern (usually knit and crochet), and some extra goodies to make crafting happy.

When do you release them? Right now, Knitty Fixes don't have a regular schedule, but are released to coincide with an event (Local Yarn Store Day, the holidays, KGY’s birthday) and are themed around that event. But sometimes we do it just because! Sign up for our newsletter below to get first notice when there is a new one. We hope to offer them on a more frequent schedule in the future.

How long does it take to arrive?Typically the boxes arrive within 2-3 days of shipping, depending on your location. If you want to send it as a gift, we're happy to ship it directly to your loved one.

How do I get one? You can order it right from our website. Pre-orders close November 6, and we have a limited number. Your box will be ready for pick-up at the shop starting on December 9 or we can ship it for a flat $10 shipping fee so it arrives on or about the 9th.


Oh Goodness, what fun! It was like Christmas when I opened the box. Gorgeous soft yarn, interesting pattern and so many cute little tools--PLUS SNACKS and a gift card. All wrapped beautifully!

I almost called in sick to work today so I could start knitting, but then I realized if I don't work I can't buy yarn.... Darn it. :-(

So, in a nutshell--you rock. The box was a clever and thoughtful "curation" of fun. Thank you and hope the rest of the build out goes smoothly.

Melissa C.

I'm so excited! This will be my third Knitty Fix box from you and you do such a great job with them. They're so much fun and there's always something that I wouldn't have thought to buy that I wind up loving.

Allison S.

Thank you, Kerry!

The box you prepared was so lovely and full of so many wonderful surprises. As you might expect, my house is full of chaos, so I kept coming back to the box and finding more cool things. I loved all of it and my kids totally want to know how I got someone to give me sour ribbons...yes, I have been sharing them. They think you are very cool!

I'm excited to try the pattern and I love love love that yarn.. Thank you, again.

Penelope E.

Thank you so much! I love my box! It felt like Christmas morning! Thank you!

Bambi N.