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Sign up for our Birthday Club and get $20 to spend the month of your birthday, and 15% off on one special day.
Construction Update October 22

Construction Update October 22

Hi! Hello!

I am waaaay overdue to send you all an update, As you can see from the picture we're still under construction. 

I'm moving into this building with some of my neighbors from the old building: Salt City Woods Mill & KilnStout Beard Brewing Company, and Insourcing Entrepreneurship Works. There are a few things we've hired out, but we're doing almost all the demo and renovations ourselves. It's been cool! I've learned to hang and finish drywall, install flooring and pull out about a thousand nails. 

But... all four of us are still trying to run our own small businesses at the same time, which means sometimes progress slows down. And we still have lives and sometimes things happen there, too. Tom had to go to Florida to help his parents after Hurricane Ian, Mike had family responsibilities, Bob had a conference. And me, I got very sick, which took me out of commission for a week, immediately followed by fracturing my foot 🙄. This is my current situation.

I won't be doing things like climbing ladders or carrying heavy stacks of lumber for a bit, but we are seeing light at the end of this sawdusted tunnel! My husband has been an absolute champion and my amazing friends are stepping in to help out. Once we get the cashwrap done, it's all down to the final details, then setting up the shop.

In the meantime, I have new inventory just waiting in their shipping boxes, I'm working on getting online sales up and running and I have some  special plans to roll out for the holidays and 2023.

​To be honest, I never believed I'd be closed this long. I even planned in buffer time for construction delays. But we're almost there. I truly appreciate your patience.

Happy knitting,

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